Social Media Strategies for Nurse Entrepreneur Success

Many new nurse entrepreneurs gravitate towards the idea of being an independent solopreneur. After all, many people start a business to be their own boss. In our society, independence is valued and is a cultural expectation. Other cultures value collectivism. Despite our individualistic society, you will find variations in people’s ideals due to personality, life experiences, and their subculture.

Often, convincing new nurse entrepreneurs to take a true interest in collective success is an uphill battle. Even after overcoming the cultural norm of our individualist society, we must combat the environmental conditioning of nursing.

Before starting a business, most nurse entrepreneurs worked for several years doing some type of patient care. Patient care in a clinical environment emphasizes that the primary nurse is ultimately responsible for a group of patients. Even if you work in a supportive work environment, and your fellow nurses perform some tasks for you, the nurse assigned to the patient is still responsible for their care.

Nurse Entrepreneurs & Social Media

However, nurse entrepreneurs may be more motivated than clinical nurses to take an interest in collective success. Nurse entrepreneurs are highly dependent on professional networking and social media for business promotion. You will quickly find that social media is not a game of solitaire. You need social engagement to be successful on social media. Collaborating with another nurse entrepreneur with a complimentary business can expand your social media reach.

Social media is not a game of solitaire!

Are you groaning at the thought of spending your time on social media? The proper use of social media can make or break a business. As an online entrepreneur, you need to embrace social media and build an online presence. If you have a local business that relies on word of mouth, most customers will still ask about a website or a Facebook page. Besides, few people own a phone book. They rely on local online listings to find your businesses.

What are some of the best social media strategies for nurse entrepreneurs to promote collective success?

Social Media Strategy # 1Pinterest Collaboration

If you are not using Pinterest, you should be! It is superpowered to drive sales and website traffic. If you don’t believe me, click the link to a Forbes article that uses the words “the fastest growing website ever‘ when referring to Pinterest.

To collaborate on Pinterest recruit a liked-minded pinning partner with a complementary business and co-create group boards. As the creators of these boards, you invite other entrepreneurs to pin their content on your group boards. The creators are ultimately responsible for the success of their campaign by inviting the right people to pin, building their account followers, and promoting the group boards. There are a few finer points to the process than this, but if you need details contact me.

Opportunity Alert!

I was inspired to implement this strategy due to Cynthia Sanchez‘s blog at Oh, So Pinteresting. This is THE woman to call if you need Pinterest advice. Nurse entrepreneurs, if you are interested in joining me as a collaborator on this project (looking for a dedicated partner who will take this project seriously) or if you would like to pin to these group boards let me know.

Social Media Strategy # 2Promote a curated blog post.

When you are reading your fellow nurse entrepreneur’s blogs, if you find a post that is especially helpful be sure (after sharing it on your social networks of course!) and make a note of it.

Why? It may be able to be included in one of your future blog posts.

For example, you decide to write about 10 ways to make money as a nurse entrepreneur. You list “becoming a nurse health coach” as one of the ways to earn income. You could then give a shout out to a nurse health coach such as the Essential Nurse (Joyce Harrell) describing how she earns money while living her passion. You could also include a statement about a point she made in her latest blog post or newsletter. Then promote the curated post on social media.

This strategy seems like a no brainer but very few people employ this social media strategy. They may retweet a Tweet or repost a post on Facebook, but do not employ this collaboration strategy.


Is it a fear of too many outgoing links from their site may result in being penalized by search engines?

The failure to think of utilizing this strategy?

Or, their lack of buy into the idea of collective success to this extent?

A curated post is a very simple way to promote collective success because you are giving to others, and the people being mentioned are likely to promote your blog post.

Social Media Strategy # 3: Commenting on your network’s blogs.

I don’t need to write two paragraphs as to why this is a crucial contributing factor to collective success. You know why. Please do it! I know entrepreneurs are busy folks. By making a commitment to five minutes a day and commenting on a colleague’s blog, the result is thirty different people by the end of the month you have supported. It has also provided you with thirty backlinks to your website. Join me in doing this!

Are you still not sold on the idea of collective success? I will be forthright. I believe that nurse entrepreneurship is in its infancy compared to other nursing specialties. Many people in our society still think that being a nurse means that you must work in a hospital or clinic typesetting.

The collective success of nurse entrepreneurs means that society will eventually accept that a nurse can be an independent business. By increasing our societal acceptance, we will experience increased success as an individual nurse in business.