Nursing Assistants – You’re Never “Just” a CNA

We all are afraid to take responsibility in our professional lives, especially when the salary does not motivate us to do so. That is the reason why we hear many nursing assistants saying, “I’m just a CNA.” Even if someone is happy with his/her salary, the reason for asserting this common phrase could be a lack of initiative or confidence. This is a shared phenomenon among all fresher and experienced nursing assistants.

Actually, they do not realize that by using this sentence, they are just making themselves seem smaller. Perhaps, they believe that the contribution they are offering to the healthcare facility is not that important as compared to other higher designations. If you too are caught under such situations where you have to use this expression, then you are lacking in motivation, or you are someone whose confidence has gone way below the line.

If that is what you are suffering from, please remember that you have taken a bold and daring step by deciding to be a nursing assistant. For the job you do is in no way mean and without you, it is tough for people to come out of their problems.

A nursing job is for alert and active minds. Many incidences will prompt you to take immediate action that is appropriate for patients’ health and lives. Though you are not allowed to take judgment considering your training and knowledge, you can at least expedite things with quick and clever decisions.

For example, if a patient’s respiration count is falling down, you can immediately inform your supervisor to calm down the situation. This is your responsibility, and you should never take it lightly since it is a matter of life and death. Remember, it is the doctors’ job to bring back patients from the door of death, but stopping patients to reach that stage is very much possible for you.

You should feel yourself blessed having chosen the nursing profession. Many of the skills and knowledge you earn from the CNA training and on the field will help you for your lifetime. For example, when your neighbor has a heart attack, you know how to perform a CPR. That will help the neighbor to buy time to reach the hospital for further treatment.

If you start respecting yourself and have confidence in yourself, you can start enjoying your job. What you do for patients is not even possible to imagine for their own relatives or family members. They will never be able to give a bath to a patient, lift and carry them safely to empty their bowels, clean and bandage wounds, change and put on diapers, etc. It needs exceptional skills and compassion to do these types of jobs.

If you ever feel that you are running low on confidence and motivation, you must go back to the basics and start anew. Recollecting what you have learned in your training day, reminding yourself about your decision in becoming a nursing assistant and the essence of the nursing job will provide you the impetus to raise the bar.

Now wake up, and let others feel your presence in everything you do. If there is any special request from the patient, do not overlook it. Either arrange for it personally or follow up with your supervisor. However, it should be according to the rules of the facility you are employed by. For example, you can easily get a Bible for a patient, and it will not violate any of the rules. Sometimes, patients may feel like eating homemade food. If it meets the nutrition values prescribe by the doctors, you can oblige the patient.

Motivating patients to do exercise recommended by the therapist is also a good way to show your professionalism in the job. If you can demonstrate the exercise movements to patients, it will increase their confidence. Encouraging patients to participate in their treatment care is also a good way to build a rapport with them. You can have a chat with them about the treatment given to them. Taking feedbacks about the given therapy will make patients feel that somebody is caring for them. At times, you can even share light jokes or a story of a movie with them.

Caring for patients needs tremendous patience. You will also have to bear with the job pressure. However, you must maintain high-quality care in your job so that patients can recommend your name whenever the supervisors take any feedback on nursing assistants. Remember, your role for the facility and the patients is more than “just a CNA.”