Nurse Entrepreneurs, Are You Using This Free Resource?

People enter nursing school with varied experiences, skill sets, and career backgrounds. Traditional nursing programs do not encourage nor include business education in their curriculum. They churn out nursing students equipped with basic nursing skills and the knowledge to pass their NCLEX (theoretically). So, in many instances nurses are hesitant to pursue nurse entrepreneurship due to their lack of business knowledge.

However, nurses that wish to start their own business ignore their hesitation and seek a business education. However, many nurses do not have the desire or funds to pay for a second stint in college to obtain a business degree. Who needs additional student loan debt? Instead, they often choose to self study and obtain a business coach to assist them in getting their business up and running. After all, nursing is a valuable degree in itself and the business education that you need does not have to result in additional letters behind your name or certifications.

For those wanting a practical business education on the fly, my two favorite ways to glean advice from successful and knowledgeable sources are MOOCs and Blog Talk Radio. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) from top tier schools allow you to learn from quality instructors for free without college credit. Commonly found courses on MOOCs often include business and technology.

I am a fan of Blog Talk Radio (No, I am not sponsoring them). I want to encourage you to check out some of their radio shows because they have valuable entrepreneurial advice from industry leaders. You have the option to listen live (which can be fun because most shows have a chat room open during their live show) or if you are unable to listen live, previous shows are archived. Here are some potentially useful shows for entrepreneurs found on Blog Talk Radio:

  • Funding Gates’s Small Business Financial Bootcamps provides education on managing small business finances such as credit.
  • Keys to Clarity Radio covers entrepreneurial topics to grow your business while nurturing your soul.
  • Soul To Profit Radio discusses topics of the soul and how that information can be applied to your business.
  • Piggy Bank Promotions is a show that specifically covers content useful to small business entrepreneurs that are operating on a tight budget.
  • The Jeff Shamus Show  is all about the basics of business with practical advice.
  • The RNFM Radio show frequently interviews nurse entrepreneurs that are leaders in their niche. This show has the most specific business advice for nurse entrepreneurs. The other shows listed are geared toward any entrepreneur.

Another reason Blog Talk Radio is useful is that most of the guests and hosts are experts on their chosen topics. So, if you are in the market to hire a business coach, this is the place to shop. By listening to the expert interviews you can get a sense of their personality and their expertise before you contact them. Think of it like window shopping for a business coach. Happy listening!