3 Alternative Nurse Business Ideas & Tips

Do you want to start your own business?

Nurses that want to be empowered by their passion often choose to become a nurse entrepreneur. Opportunities for nurses to start their own business are almost endless. Nurses that have the entrepreneurial fire burning in their belly often feel out of place in a traditional work setting due to the hierarchical nature of the nursing profession. These three nurse business ideas will move you away from the bedside but you can still utilize your nursing skills.

While nurse entrepreneurship is not a designated specialty within nursing, this will change due to the accredited master’s programs that have been developed around this focus. So, in the meantime, nurses choosing entrepreneurship are self-educating themselves via the internet and coaching programs lead by those that are already successful in their entrepreneurial ventures.

The mission of the Top Nurse Info is to help nurses who are moms to become entrepreneurs. Even if you feel like you want to

“Get Out of Nursing” by starting a business that leverages your”

Nurse Business Ideas

Possibilities to consider are:

  • Medical daycare is a daycare for children or adults with medical needs that require skilled daycare. This is a great service to provide primary caregivers that need to work, attend appointments, or have a weekend respite getaway.
  • Sick daycare is for kids that are sick and unwelcome at school or regular daycare. For parents unable to miss work and without other childcare options would utilize this service.
  • Life documentation photographer. Due to advancements in healthcare, people are experiencing longer hospital stays. Areas such as cancer care, neonatal intensive care, and residential long term care are specialties that need a life documentation photographer.

Putting your nurse’s business ideas into action is solely your own personal responsibility. Due to life circumstances, you may not be able to quit your job and start a business. Instead, you may have to stay at your current job while getting your business up and running. Usually, before starting a nursing business people seek advice from professionals such as:

  • Your state board of nursing who issues your valid nursing license
  • An accountant and a lawyer to develop a legal structure

Examples of other issues that could affect your nurse business ideas and the course of action include:

  • Knowing your scope of practice
  • Practicing within your scope of practice
  • Possessing a valid nursing license for the state that you will practice in.
  • Business Liability Insurance
  • Professional Malpractice Insurance
  • Extra Insurance Riders
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Business Licenses
  • A variety of other issues

Small Business Tip: 3 Steps to Silencing the Naysayers

Starting a Small Business

Most entrepreneurs will quickly find that few people will be as excited as they are about their venture. Many start-ups will encounter real opposition. Some of the most commonly encountered negative people can include family and friends or those with a vested interest.

For example, their current boss and coworkers may be resentful of the idea of the potential freedom and earning power associated with running a business. Some people are miserable in their own work situation and will balk at the thought that they are punching a time clock while others don’t have to.

What has been your experience? It is expected that your previous boss and coworkers might be somewhat un-supportive. But, what about your significant other, family, and friends? You might be shocked to learn that family and close friends are the least enthusiastic about your small business. For example, they could be fearful and concerned that building and growing business could affect both of you and might voice the following concerns:

Financial Security

Will you be able to financially support yourself in the short and long term?

Relationship Dynamics

Will your relationship with them change as your life priorities shift?

Time Management

Will you still have spare time to spend with them since business owners often work more hours?

Social Standing

What will the neighbors, relatives, and everyone else think if your business fails?

Life Success

Will you be happy as a business owner?

Getting Support for your Small Business

So, what is the 3 step strategy for convincing people to accept your decision to be self employed?

  1. Education: Provide the naysayers with reputable resources that support the why and the hows of small businesses. For example, is your significant other having doubts? Show them your business and marketing plan that highlights your commitment to your start-up. Provide documentation that the employee “benefits” they think you will be missing out on can be built into your business. Do you have friends that are already successful in their business? Invite them to talk about their business success at a friendly group dinner with the naysayer in attendance.
  1. Communication: Carve out time to have a heartfelt conversation with the person who has doubts about your small business venture and answer their questions. Let them know how you personally define success in your life and business. Be sure and let them voice their worries and opinions. At the end of the conversation, express that you decide to start a business. End the conversation by stating that you hope for their genuine support.
  1. Success: A successful business is the best way to soothe people’s doubts and fears about your business venture. Work hard, follow-through, and succeed in your start-up venture. How can a logical person reason against proven success?

Work hard, follow through, and succeed in your start-up venture.

As a self-supporting adult, you do not need to convince anyone that you are making the right decision by starting a business. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own decisions and happiness. Frankly, some people will never accept your decision to be self-employed. As the old saying goes you can’t please everybody so might as well please yourself. Live your life so that you don’t have regrets.

However, starting a small business can be a long and difficult journey. At times finances are tight, people will judge you, priorities will shift, and there is never enough time in the day. There will be moments and occasional days of self-doubt. Support from your spouse, closest family, and friends can act as a buffer from the uninspiring moments of entrepreneurship.

I urge you to build a close support network even if it is other small business owners instead of friends and family. Never underestimate the power and value of a cheer team!