3 Alternative Nurse Business Ideas

Do you want to start your own business?

Nurses that want to be empowered by their passion often choose to become a nurse entrepreneur. Opportunities for nurses to start their own business are almost endless. Nurses that have the entrepreneurial fire burning in their belly often feel out of place in a traditional work setting due to the hierarchical nature of the nursing profession. These three nurse business ideas will move you away from the bedside but you can still utilize your nursing skills.

While nurse entrepreneurship is not a designated specialty within nursing, this will change due to the accredited master’s programs that have been developed around this focus. So, in the mean time, nurses choosing entrepreneurship are self educating themselves via the internet and coaching programs lead by those that are already successful in their entrepreneurial ventures.

The mission of the Stetho Expert is to help nurses who are moms to become entrepreneurs. Even if you feel like you want to

“Get Out of Nursing” by starting a business that leverages your”

Nurse Business Ideas

Possibilities to consider are:

  • Medical day care is daycare for children or adults with medical needs that require skilled day care. This is a great service to provide primary caregivers that need to work, attend appointments, or have a weekend respite getaway.
  • Sick day care is for kids that are sick and unwelcome at school or regular day care. For parents unable to miss work and without other childcare options would utilize this service.
  • Life documentation photographer. Due to advancements in healthcare, people are experiencing longer hospital stays. Areas such as cancer care, neonatal intensive care, and residential long term care are specialties that have a need for a life documentation photographer.
Putting your nurse business ideas into action is solely your own personal responsibility. Due to life circumstances, you many not be able to quit your job and start a business. Instead, you may have to stay at your current job while getting your business up and running. Usually, before starting a nursing business people seek advice from professionals such as:

Examples of other issues that could affect your nurse business ideas and the course of action include:

  • Knowing your scope of practice
  • Practicing within your scope of practice
  • Possessing a valid nursing license for the state that you will practice in.
  • Business Liability Insurance
  • Professional Malpractice Insurance
  • Extra Insurance Riders
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Business Licenses
  • A variety of other issues

Contemplating starting a nurse business? What nurse business ideas do you have? Tell us about your business plans. Feel free to leave comments!

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