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Maine CNA Information: Requirements, Salary and Training

Nursing assistant license will help you for your lifetime regardless of the city, state or country you live in. You will continue to earn even if others are losing their jobs. Joining the nursing industry is always a rewarding and gratifying experience. You can choose to enter this field either by completing a LPN (Licenses Practical Nurse) or a RN (Registered Nurse) course. There is even a better and easy way by joining CNA training course. Completing the nursing aide course and passing the state certification exam will ensure a place for you in the medical field.

According to the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, every state should provide information related to nursing to people who wanted to pursue their career in this field, evaluate their skills before registering them, provide placements, and enforce certain rules post to certified nursing assistant training. The Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants follows these rules sincerely and coherently. If you belong to Maine State, you must know CAN requirements, salary, training and reciprocity before taking the training course.

Maine CNA Requirements

Maine state requires you to complete your nursing training approved by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. The training course in Maine lasts for 150 to 180 hours depending on the facility you join. You can also have an opportunity to take free nurisng education offered by nursing homes or long-term care facilities. Since they would be paying for your training, they expect you to work with them for few months or a year after you receive your certification.

To be registered with the Maine CNA registry, you have to pass the evaluation test. All the states would require you to pass written and clinical test. The passing percentage may differ slightly, but in most states, it is minimum 70%.

Who can work as a CNA in Maine?

To work as a nursing assistant in Maine, you should have a valid certified nursing assistant license. If this is not your first job, then you are expected to hold a good employment record. The healthcare facilities in Maine would want you to be free from any negligence, and criminal charges. In addition, most employers would prefer someone who has at least worked in one place for more than a year. Person who has been frequently changing his/her job in less than a one-year period are not considered as a reliable employee. If such is the case with you, be prepared with good reasons to convince the employers about your reliability.

Besides holding active CNA license, no criminal background, you also need to be physically and mentally fit. This is necessary because most patients need someone who can lift and carry them for therapeutic and personal purpose such as bathing, toileting, dinning, etc.

Salary of a CNA in Maine

Each state handles this critical and sensitive issue differently. Therefore, you will see a marginal difference in salary of certified nursing aide. In Maine, you can expect to earn your annual salary in the range of $15,000 in year. Since experience is calculated in your salary, an average experienced certified nursing assistant will earn around $15,600. If you are above-average in experience, this figure will go up to $16,640.

Maine CNA training

Maine State offers you variety of options through community colleges, nursing schools, vocational training institutes and other education centers for completing your training course. The training method includes instructions in the classroom, video demonstration, group discussion, and lab work. Clinical training is provided in actual healthcare setting where a registered nurse will train and supervise you. Training cost will vary among the educational centers you are enrolling in. However, you should be ready to pay around $900 as the course fee, excluding expenses for a white dress, white shoes, and a secondhand wristwatch. You have to manage these accessories on your own even if you have received grants for the course.

Maine CNA reciprocity

Getting your CNA license transferred to Maine Nursing Aide Registry is simple. The only requirement that is considered while going through reciprocity application is a good standing and a valid license. You need to submit an application and the transfer fee, which in case will not be more than $50. The time taken to grant your permission for working in Maine will depend on how fast the Registry completes your background check and other formalities.

These are all the related information about nursing in Maine. . The local aide nurse registry would provide you more detailed information whether you are applying for the nursing license for the first time, or you have already obtained a license in another state and wants to work as certified nursing aide in Maine.

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