7 Tips for Encouraging Lifelong Learning in Nursing

Knowledge is immortal and stays with you till you breathe your last. But how should one increase his/her knowledge? Only through lifelong learning, you would be able to make yourself capable of commenting or judging others. Knowledge is the key to success in personal and professional ground, which is possible only through lifelong learning.

Being satisfied with our profession or due to lack of interest, we stop learning in a midway. This apathy does not do any good for us, and we struggle to find growth in our lives. If you want your CNAs to succeed in their job, and bring top-notch quality inpatient care, you must encourage them for lifelong learning.

The corporate world has recognized this philosophy and has started implementing it quite a few years back. They have set up a library in-house and kept an inventory of books and magazines on varied subjects. They allow their employees a few minutes of library hours where they could pick reading content according to their interests. This practice develops reading interest in them. They even share it with their colleagues during the break time. When knowledge is shared, it enlightens others and helps them in the future.

Setting up a library in a healthcare setting may not sound feasible. However, this theme will encourage your CNAs to develop reading habits if implemented. Developing new ideas are one of the ways to excite your CNAs in excelling in their work.

If you want to develop learning interest at your workplace so that your CNAs can share their knowledge and enjoy the workplace, these 7 tips for encouraging lifelong learning will motivate your CNAs.

  1. Grab their interest: Nursing assistants are reluctant to communicate their area of interest to supervisors due to misconception of losing the job. You need to encourage them so that they are free to discuss it with you. If they cannot put their thoughts verbally, let them do it writing. Fix a suggestion box in your department, and ask them to provide information about their needs. It is possible that one nursing assistant is more interested in taking care of infants or mentally challenged patients rather than working in the general ward. If they have placed their interest, you can arrange to train them in their area of interest.
  2. Ask them to admire someone: In a working environment, many things people learn by watching someone who is more dedicated than oneself. Ask your CNAs to identify such a person and admire him/her. Sometimes, admiration can motivate people to succeed in their job.
  3. Sharing is learning: There is nothing better in this world than sharing your knowledge. You may avoid discussing your personal matters with your CNAs, but you should definitely not avoid talking about your experience and knowledge. It will excite nursing assistants to follow your suit.
  4. Inform or instructs them: The best way to increase your knowledge is through teaching. When you are applying your knowledge in teaching or instructing nursing assistants, you are contributing both ways. Provoke your nursing assistants to help others by teaching them what they learned. Repeating what they learn will make their knowledge stronger.
  5. Encourage them to participate in in-service programs: Through the in-services program, you can help your CNAs to learn things they want to. Invite guest speakers and known personalities from the medical field to give lectures on different topics. It is always a pleasure to listen to someone who has made a special place of their own in the healthcare field. Lectures and group discussions will help nursing assistants in growing their knowledge.
  6. Get out of the mundane routine: Everybody gets bored doing the same routine job. There has to be some sort of the change in between to shrug away the dull feelings. Change their duty to a new unit after a month or two. Working in a new unit and with new patients may help them from getting out of the boring routine. However, you must ensure that the patients’ rights and care are not affected.
  7. Show them benefits of learning Since you cannot force or compel someone to take to reading, explaining to them the advantages of learning will help in changing their mind. Show your nursing assistants that by adopting continuous learning habits, they will make big in their lives and help many with the knowledge and skills they acquired.

These 7 tips for encouraging lifelong learning will help you in motivating your nursing assistants. You can sway them to accept continuous education that will help in expanding their abilities. The most important change they will see through this practice is the clients’ satisfaction.