How to Become a Nurse Manager?

In various hospitals across America, almost three million people are working as registered nurses; several others are working as licensed practical nurses (LPN) and certified nurse assistants (CNA). The hospital administration will find it challenging to manage the workforce of so many nurses.

The job of a nurse manager is to manage the CNAs, and another nursing staff for the smooth functioning of the hospitals is possible. It is a skilled job, and one must have leadership and management skills to be in this profession.

They are a vital cog in the wheel of the health care industry and are in demand because the demand for nurses is very high. For becoming an excellent manager, you must master the skills of managing the business; excellent clinical skills are not the sole criterion in today’s competitive times.

Moreover, the health care industry is expanding like never before, so efficient managers will be required in good numbers to meet the growth of the industry. In hospitals, these nurses are required to manage and run the day to day business without any issues.

Duties of a Nurse Manager

They have to organize and direct nursing homes and hospitals under his general surveillance; to ensure that proper nursing services are provided and to see to it that the quality standards are met, you must be able to coordinate the nursing staff. Nursing staff includes registered nurses, medical clerks, and other health care professionals like certified nursing assistants (CNA), medical assistants(MA) and licensed practical nurses (LPN), etc.

You must be able to manage them with a multidisciplinary approach so that the services of all health care professionals can be utilized in the best possible way. Some of the most important duties are as follows:

Human Resource Management

Staffing is one of the essential duties that these nurses need to perform. You must be able to prepare a recruitment and retention plan so that your hospital can hire efficient nurses and retain them for a longer period as it will be essential for the hospital to provide excellent health care services in the long run. The critical factor in retaining hired nurses is to take care of employee satisfaction.

  • You will be responsible for taking care of all the concerns of the nursing staff and make sure that you get solutions to their problems in a way that will be beneficial to both the team and your employer.
  • You should be able to handle conflicts and should have skills in negotiation and delegation.
  • You should keep track of various HR policies, including salaries, additional benefits, attendance, and leave plans, etc.
  • You must ensure that all these policies are within the legal parameters, and you should make sure that the nursing staff fully understands the policies so that they can follow all the requirements.
  • You must formulate the norms for promotions of the nursing staff in cooperation with the human resource department.

Strategic Management Skills

It is important that you must be good at strategic management skills and should be able to draft simple plans for SWOT analysis. Emergency readiness is an important aspect for any organization; more so for the health care industry.

You should actively participate in the emergency readiness operations so that you can manage the nursing staff during such difficult times, and the health care services don’t get adversely affected. Strategic management from the nurses is essential, so you should prepare plans for the organization or give inputs to the team that is responsible for planning and organizing.

Apart from human resource and strategic management, you must interact with the financial management team to formulate salaries and benefits for the nursing staff so that the staff is satisfied and works efficiently.

Here are some tips for a nurse manager to perform efficiently:

  • The nursing staff will always look up to you, and it is essential that you lead by example, be punctual and manage your time efficiently
  • Follow the work ethics and standards set by your organization. As a manager you will expect that your employees give in their 100 percent; you should do the same so that no one can complain
  • Encourage teamwork; in any health care setting team working in cooperation with each team member will improve the services of patient care and in a team environment people will work for each other
  • The most important point is to facilitate the work of nurses, so make it a point to keep things as uncomplicated as possible

The Role of a Nurse Manager


How to Become a Nurse Manager


Job Outlook for Nurse Manager

With almost three million nurses working across America, the job outlook for nurse managers is very bright, and the opportunities are likely to increase by 22 percent for the next decade.

Currently, more than 300,000 nursing managers are employed in the country, and the figure is expected to go up to 400,000 by 2012.

The health care profession is expanding like never before, so anyone venturing into this field can expect to get good salaries. A bachelor’s degree in nursing or management is a must to enter this field, and the median annual income stands at $85,000.

If you have good leadership skills and believe that you can do an excellent job at streamlining the work of nurses, nurse manager will be an ideal job for you.