How to Become a Flight Nurse?

Injury and illness can strike people no matter which corner of the world they reside in. Imagine if someone living in a remote area, where there is no sign of medical attention, meets with something tragic. Should such people be left all by themselves?


let destiny decide whether they should die or remain alive. This is not what we, being a civilized society, can digest it. Every living being on this earth has a right to get medical treatment irrespective of age, creed, class, and sex, no matter which corner on the planet they reside in.

To provide them with medical care and pick up from the place of incident and transit to the nearest emergency unit in a hospital, the government uses the services of critical care transport companies. These companies hire flight nurses to provide emergency care during the transit process.

This position is assigned to registered nurses after specializing in emergency care training and rescue operations. They work in an airplane, helicopter, ship, bus, and train with the certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to carry medical equipment for giving the first aid.

These nurses work together as a team with the paramedics and other crewmembers that include flight physicians, pilots, and respiratory practitioners.

Duties of a Flight Nurse

Being a member of the paramedics’ team, these nurses have to provide patients with necessary nursing care. They have to prepare plans and participate in the rescue operation and aeromedical evacuation. In case of the absence of the physician, they have to take the initiative and administer immediate treatment to the patient.

They have to diagnose and pass on the medical information about the patient to the crew on the ground so that they are well prepared to handle the case when the flight lands. Constant monitoring of the patient is also necessary from the site of rescue to the place of treatment.

They have to take care that the patient is alive until he/she reaches the emergency room. Using safety measures and precautions are of the utmost importance, including the comfort of the patient. The job requires extensive training and experience. They are like a medical analyst who analyzes the condition of the patient and makes a decision on what is right in a situation where the patient is struggling with death.

How to Become a Flight Nurse?

Becoming a flight nurse is a tough job. You have to be physically fit since you will be participating in rescue operations at the time of emergency. You may even be in a situation where your own life would be in danger.

This type of possibility may arise when you are rescuing a person trapped on a high cliff, or pulling out someone from icy water or a deep ravine. In this job, you will have to face all types of emergencies.

The flight-nursing career is for those who love adventure and are eager to have some excitement where the adrenalin runs high. Registered nurses who have worked in emergency rooms and intensive care units in hospitals for at least three years are eligible for this job.

If you are one, then you must take training that will help you in providing emergency care on aboard. Some nursing schools offer flight nursing training programs. You can also find this course with critical-care transport companies.

You will need training in the physical aspects of blood circulation. You should know how to resuscitate an unconscious person by exciting the cardiac function. Further, you must be able to work with mechanical ventilation and vasoactive medications. In short, you must complete the life-saving training necessary for all ages. Training in Basic Trauma Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Intensive Critical Core will help you in getting a job for this position.

Job Opportunities for Flight Nurses

Not all the excursion or mission ends happily. Sometimes, there are life-threatening incidences as well. If nothing goes wrong, then there are train collisions, plane crash, and road accidents. With so many bad things frequently happening in the world, providing emergency care to the victims is very necessary. And the people who do this job are the flight nurses.

These nurses work in hospitals and critical-care transport companies that cater services to people with rescue operations and emergency care. Therefore, getting a job is not a problem since this position will always be in demand.

However, they have to compete for the position with other potential candidates. Flight nurses salary is also suitable as compared to other CNAs (certified nursing assistants).

Given the risks and arrays of skills required in the job, most companies and hospitals will offer the flight nursing care position to candidates with five or more years of experience. This is because there is no room even for a minute error on the job.

For it will change the course of treatment and bring the patient on the verge of death. They are learning while working is a tough job. Therefore, it is mandatory to complete flight nursing training, including safety policy training. The easiest way to pursue this career is to join the companies that offer training programs and employment after completing the course.

A complete self-assessment is necessary before pursuing a flight nursing care career. First, you will need to work for years as a registered nurse, and then complete the training course and compile years of experience. Then, you will find yourself suitable for the flight nurse position.