How to Become an Emergency Nurse?

When a person is brought in a hospital for the first time due to an accidental injury or serious illness, the first person that attends the injured or ill is an emergency nurse along with other certified nursing assistants (CNAs).

She reacts quickly and does the physical examination of the patient. She finds out if there is any risk to the patient’s life due to the injury or illness. She stops the bleeding and arranges for the blood, in case there is excess bleeding.

At the same time, she also informs the doctor and puts her all efforts to save the patients until the doctor comes and attends him/her.

What is Emergency Nursing?

Emergency nursing is a specialized and advanced nursing practice that helps the nurses to save patients’ lives in the emergency room or critical-care units from life-threatening injuries and illnesses. The nurses who work with these units are known as emergency nurses.

The difference between these nurses and other CNAs is that the later ones work for the patients only after the physician makes the diagnosis. As the patients rushed into the emergency or critical-care wards are almost at the edge of the death, they have no time to wait until the doctor arrives. They have to do a rapid and accurate diagnosis of the patients’ conditions all by themselves and pull him/her out of danger until the time the expert treats him/her.

Duties of Emergency Nurses

These nurses work in hospitals and trauma centers where patients with serious injuries and illnesses are treated. These nurses do an instant and precise examination and eliminate any life-threatening problems. They use their training skills and experience to monitor and treat patients.

They even administer medications as per the situation abiding by the guidelines set by the employer. They perform CPR in case the patient is having a stroke. They also treat a wound and control infection if it is spreading and leading to amputation. They work for all age patients and social backgrounds.

How to Become an Emergency Nurse?

Working in an emergency and the critical-care unit is not easy. Nurses have to be physically and mentally alert since they have to attend patients who have minimal time to avert death. Bringing someone back from the door of death is a challenging task. It needs special skills and a positive attitude to save someone’s life.

If you want to become an emergency nurse and save peoples’ lives, you must have a bachelor’s degree in science. With a degree in science, you are eligible to enroll in a certification program for a registered nurse. After completing it, pass the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses). You will earn your license that you have to keep it active as your state demands.

You must work in a healthcare setting as a registered nurse for two years. The next step is to complete a certification program. Many distinguished institutes such as the Emergency Nursing Association, The American Nurses Association, and The American Association of Critical Care Nurses offer the programs.

Certification programs that are specially designed to help nurses in taking the responsibilities of the emergency room are also available. You can specialize in heart illness by joining the ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and BLS (Basic Life Support) certification program. If you have an interest in saving death due to injuries, then there is a TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course) certification. If you love children, you can join the PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life) certification program.

During the certification program, you will learn skills to provide immediate and accurate diagnosis and treatment to patients in need of urgent attention. You can handle stressful situations and work as a team with physicians.

Job Opportunities for Emergency Nurses

Accidents are going to happen on the roads, fight among people in the street or a bar is also a possibility. All of this will lead to severe and minor injuries that may put someone’s life in danger. Not to mention being exposed to serious illnesses. All these incidences act like a prelude to the emergency rooms. Therefore, the job opportunities for these nurses are in plenty.

They can work in hospital emergency rooms, trauma centers, research institutes, as a flight nurse with an airline company, poison control centers, armed forces, rehabilitation centers, and prison. They are also appointed in the Federal and State government agencies. Employment for these nurses is likely to increase as per the BLS survey report.

All nursing jobs are physically demanding and mentally challenging. However, emergency nursing care job raises the bar higher. To work for this position, it needs agility, skill, and multi-tasking abilities. The salary of nurses working in emergency rooms in a hospital is above than registered nurses. This emergency nurse career is for those who love to pull out people from the danger of losing a life.